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Our Hygolet Hygiene Seat Contractual Service 

In seconds a 100% clean and dry toilet seat


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Sharing a toilet seat in a public restroom is a risk no one likes to take, however with the touch of a button or wave of a hand, every new user can enjoy the luxury of a sitting on a sanitary toilet seat.


With the rotating hygienic seat users get a clean. germ- free and comfortable surface without having to waste toilet paper rolls.


The hygolet hygienic toilet seat is an innovation in washroom hygiene which creates a favorable impression for the restroom customers.

The Hygolet seat toilet seat guarantees that everyone has a clean toilet seat to sit on without worrying about the traces left behind by previous restroom users.

These traces can include skin cells, germs, blood, and human waste.

  • The system provides visual proof to each restroom user that they have a clean toilet seat to sit on.

  • Equipped with the adjustable mounting bracket, the seat can be easily mounted on almost any toilet bowl.

  • Reduces cleaning time and even plumbing costs by protecting pipes from being clogged with paper used to cover the toilet seat.

  • The film used to cover the toilet seat ring, is made of strong polyethylene. Its production and disposal is far less harmful to the environment than that of paper.

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